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The Soundtrack to Your Perfect Wedding : Celebration DJsYou have meticulously planned your event, paid attention to the little details, and spent your budget wisely to insure that the most important elements are of high quality. Out
of the thousands of dollars invested into a wedding reception or party these days, entertainment is actually a very small portion of the total function's budget. Yet what will your guests remember most about your party? Many will not remember the particulars about the cheese and cracker table, the decorations, or the centerpieces. When asked
to judge the event afterwards, your guests will most likely remember how much FUN
they had more than anything else. Your entertainment will decide if your friends and
family stay for the whole event or leave early because of poor music selection or an annoying personality on the microphone. The fact is that you need to know how
important your entertainment is to your party and what your expectations are before shopping price alone.

The entertainment may not be at the top of your planning list, but it is one of the most remembered elements of any wedding reception.

~ Source: Modern Bride Magazine learn more

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The rate for your Celebration DJ depends on a few important factors including the date of the event, the location, and which Celebration DJ you choose for your particular party. Celebration DJs has the perfect DJ to fit your budget and your expectations. Many DJ companies with the experience and reputation offered by Celebration DJs often charge $2,000-$2,500 for a complete wedding package. Celebration is able to offer a top-notch entertainment experience for 50-60% less than that! Please use the contact form to request a price quote.

"…our guests are still raving about the DJ. You really made the party. Thank you so much Chris." Kim and Mike G. Sept. 2009

Your experience with your Celebration DJs will always include:

    • All Inclusive Package with no hidden costs 
    • Outstanding DJ performance with professional attire
    • Specialized coordination before and during your event 
    • 6 full hours of music, lighting, and fun. No breaks!
    • Full digital music library 
    • Incredible sound system (easily handles large/outdoor venues)
    • Full lighting package – great for fast and slow music
    • Wireless Microphone
    • Reserve your date with a small deposit

(Celebration DJ is also able to offer excellent discounts during the wedding off-season and also for Friday and Sunday events)

"With the technology available these days it is common for very inexperienced individuals to illegally download low quality music and buy inferior sound equipment so they can call themselves a DJ and bilk you out of a few hundred dollars. This is a disaster waiting to happen and is usually quite easy to recognize simply by being suspicious of unbelievably low rates found on sites such as Craigslist. In the wedding DJ industry, as in most others, you get what you pay for."  Michigan Wedding Planners Guide~ Fall 2009 Issue"


Thank you for visiting the home of Celebration DJs, Southeast Michigan's premier event entertainment company. Celebration DJs would be honored to provide excellent entertainment for your important event but most weekend dates book up quickly. To inquire about your special date please use or Event Availability Checker. To email Celebration DJs, please use our Contact Form or call: (734)699-4487. The Celebration team looks forward to discussing your expectations and helping you find the perfect DJ for your event.

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