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Build Your Playlist : Celebration DJs southeast MichiganThe Celebration DJs music library is an absolutely incredible collection of music from every era and genre. Each music library is in 100% digital format and totals over 80,000 songs! There is no worry about hissing or skipping that can be a problem with CDs and each DJ carries a 100% redundant back up in case of hard drive issues. 

A large music library means nothing however without the knowledge and experience to play the right type of music at the right time to build a musical journey and set the soundtrack for the perfect night. Truly great DJs know how to feel the ebb and flow of a party and mold the music to fit the crowd at each event. Celebration DJs are known for playing the perfect mix of old classics, fun dance party songs, and contemporary dance hits without alienating certain age groups or chasing the older guests to the exits. Everything is geared to get your dance floor hopping early and keeping the guests there dancing happily until the very last song.

Requests: Your Celebration DJ will happily play appropriate requests from your guests and will ALWAYS play the music you have asked for in advance. During the planning stages, you are encouraged to utilize our simple Online Music Planning System to make a list of your favorite music so your DJ can place them into the play list at the perfect moments throughout the evening. If you happen to have some certain selections you'd rather not hear at your event, your DJ will not play them…period. The whole process is meant to allow the professional entertainer the ability to use his experience and knowledge to shape the music into the perfect experience for your particular crowd while also playing the special requests that you have provided.

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Allow Your Guests to Request Music for Your Event

Want to invite your guests to make music requests in advance? Celebration DJs will provide you with your very own website, group name, and password specific to your event so you can share it with your guests. You can send this information to your guests along with your invitations or provide it on your website, via email, on Facebook, or just by word of mouth. This will allow your guests to log on and become a part of your planning! Each guest will be allowed to enter up to 3 music requests that YOU will be able to view and edit at any time. Your Celebration DJ will use this list to work the requests in throughout the evening where appropriate.

Ceremony Music:
Yes! Celebration can provide the music for your wedding ceremony when you get married in the same location as your reception. Off-site ceremonies can sometimes be accommodated depending on the location and the availability of the Celebration DJ entertainers. Please ask for details and rates.

Song Suggestions:
The following documents are available for you to download or print to make your planning easier. These lists include suggestions for Bridal Party Entrance Songs, Parents' Dances, Ceremonial Music , and Bridal Party Dance Songs.

Music Resources: IT'S HERE! The Most Requested Songs of 2009 based on nearly 2 million requests at weddings & parties around the world! These unique charts are systematically calculated by analyzing nearly 2 million actual client requests made through the DJ Intelligence music request system over the course of the past 12 months. The requests are compiled and tallied to create these useful lists. This is a generalized list for all events ranging from weddings to parties. Feel free to dowlod them and use them as part of your event planning process.

* Check Out This Year's Top 200 Songs
* Top 200 Most Requested Pop Songs of 2009
* Top 100 Most Requested Songs of the 2000's
* Top 100 Most Requested Songs of the 1990's
* Top 100 Most Requested Songs of the 1980's
* Top 100 Most Requested Songs of the 1970's
* Top 100 Most Requested Songs of the 1960's

Download these top 100 charts

* Top 50 Most Requested Bride & Groom First Dances
* Top 50 Most Requested Bride & Father Dances
* Top 50 Most Requested Groom & Mother Dances
* Top 50 Most Requested Bridal Party Dances
* Top 50 Most Requested Bouquet Toss Songs
* Top 50 Most Requested Garter Toss Songs
* Top 50 Most Requested Cake Cutting Songs
* Top 50 Most Requested Wedding Introduction Songs
* Top 50 Most Requested Last Dances
* Top 50 Most Requested Money Dance Songs

Download these wedding charts

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